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gay chair

oh my god you can put rainbows on any old sketch and that instantly makes them amazing... i am blown away by this revelation

[ID: Sketches of a chair from six different angles with a rainbow filter over them.]

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Tried my hand at painting food!

image ref

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anyway THIS happened earlier

Companion Prints Part 1

Kinda like doin' a series, but without the pressure of having to do a buttload at once :P Both prints made 2019, these are the Spaceglass set.

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i couldn’t possibly draw creepy horses without including a kelpie!

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Result of a "Let's Make an OC" prompt I did on twitter! β™₯

Moooore classwork, though probably the last for now. This was part of a set (and originally animated), but here's the only part I was particularly happy with.

more style practice with my oc, San~

trying to get reacquainted with the pen tool in photoshop while also taking a break from painting ;o;

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Finally got around to doodling!! Heres my boy Vinny as a scorbunny gijinka. the toasted marshmello vibes are strong..

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i did a project in a notebook app on my ipad (drawings done in procreate) for the animal crossing direct, and these are the highlights!

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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

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i’m still so in love with this scene…

10 pm!! this is the last one I did since I would have been sleeping if i had taken like 2 more hours to do washes on these

gonna watch the snow and snooze now

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the animal crossing new horizons inspired nintendo switch!!!!

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isn't it gorgeous?!

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purple mountain sunset

oil on canvas

2x2 inches

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draws new design instead of drawing one of my many established OCs as planned......

well he's here now 'n i dunno who he is, where he goes, or what he's gonna do but that'll come later

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old adventure time art I never posted. Going for a soft water color feel