posting my shield playthrough to twitter is easiest, esp since you can post pics RIGHT to it.... so i'll make a little catchup on things [yet it turned out a little long]! (some copied straight from my twitter)

  • look, i'm gonna be real with you.. there's irish on me mam's side and actual french on my dad's side (my great grandma was from france and sadly i never met the woman) so i'm hc my character is french-irish

  • i didn't have to reset for a female scorbunny! BUT when i went to post it to twitter, it saved as no nickname so i had to wait to rename her to salsa!!!! a good name for a good bunny

  • i quickly learned that updating, making a new card, and pressing the get new card button all give you a new trainer card code. so if you put yours on display then update it, the code will change when you go to share card

  • i got a sylveon very early, it feels. i'm not mad at all, just shocked!! so i looked up methods yesterday for getting espeon and umbreon and it turns out they all need friendship of course, and espeon evolve during the day and umbreon at night, of course, but sylveon will need baby doll eyes move to evolve. THAT'S why i thought i'd get espeon bc i didn't know that part! at least now i know >:)

  • i thought you HAD to go with 3 numbers for your jersey, so i shoulda went with my bday!! but it's fine, i chose a good number and started it with 0 bc of the whole pick a number thing..... wish you could change it but hey, I'M not the one who chose 69 or 420 or 666

  • people complain that the overworld animations when climbing ladders stop in swsh but they're the same people who are fine when that happens when you fast travel in breath of the wild

  • i've (so far) had 2 software errors that force closed the game. i have stosave off but i try to frequently save anyway, so i don't think i lost much progress. it seems to occur when online is set to on, since when it tries to load people and information there is an error. be cautious

  • look:

  • the wild area can get laggy when other people are there. if it does, stop and give it a few seconds. it works better when you don't work against it

  • speaking of people in the wild area, talk to other trainers. you will get items and ingredients

  • i've spent quite a bit of time trying to find a shiny stufful. why? idk. i just want a shiny and that's the one i decided to try to get. i'm probably well over 700 encountered.

  • shiny hunting got simpler. it factors in how many overall you've battled (view the pokedex for that pokemon to see how many) as well as chaining. running from other pokemon battles do not count against you afaik. they say without the shiny charm, your best odds are at least 500 overall battled and 25 chained after that

  • and i honestly accidentally caught quadruple 420s

i think that's all i have to say mostly. i've done 4 gyms and i'm i believe over 50 hours just bc i'm chaining and having fun. it doesn't feel like a chore in this game and idk i never cared for the national dex or anything but i understand people's grief over it. there are things i'm ehh on but overall i really like it. i have both so i'm looking forward to getting other exclusives and whatnot :3c

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twitter: @/pinkjinjo + my tag is #/sppkmn (i also have videos on there too!!)
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