life kinda hit hard lately in terms of myself, and then we got bad news about my mom's anemia she's had lately. results on a biopsy of something found during her colonoscopy says it's cancer, and more than likely it's stage 1 or 2 and caught early, which is really good news, as far as good news can get when about cancer.

so i've been dealing with a lot lately and have been away again, and i'm really sorry. i'm trying to stay active the best i can. i started a wild world town and am gonan start a new leaf town as means to off and on play up to new horizon's release, so i'll try to post pics and stuff on my ac blog @seabass

again i'm sorry, i really wanna be active but things just keep happening :(

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yo its okay, you dont have to be active all the time. we understand <3 take time for yourself and breathe

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