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if your mom showed your aunt some prototype stickers you made but you scrapped them and now she more or less told her youd make them for her but you don't have the file anymore because they were test stickers and I wasnt happy with them so now you have to make more clap your hands



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basin -


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losing it

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ι’±η»΄εŸŽ Qian Weicheng

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heres a little barbie redraw

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vii -

this jerkoff doesn't have a name, but he's an oc now. he was in in my dream last night, and he has glittery magic breath that puts people to sleep.

he's angry and gay and wants revenge for the theft of his horn (he's a unicorn). his control over the magic sleepy breath has been messed up a bit by someone stealing his horn.

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Watercolor Giraffe

My dad asked me for a watercolor giraffe for my aunt....for a late christmas we're approaching her birthday.

I hope she likes it.

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Woodland Garden Gouache on paper, 2019 by Kelly Louise Judd

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yo! been a while. I hope you folks are doing well out there

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gay chair

oh my god you can put rainbows on any old sketch and that instantly makes them amazing... i am blown away by this revelation

[ID: Sketches of a chair from six different angles with a rainbow filter over them.]

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Tried my hand at painting food!

image ref

Companion Prints Part 1

Kinda like doin' a series, but without the pressure of having to do a buttload at once :P Both prints made 2019, these are the Spaceglass set.

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i couldn’t possibly draw creepy horses without including a kelpie!

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robot -


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Result of a "Let's Make an OC" prompt I did on twitter! β™₯

Moooore classwork, though probably the last for now. This was part of a set (and originally animated), but here's the only part I was particularly happy with.

more style practice with my oc, San~

trying to get reacquainted with the pen tool in photoshop while also taking a break from painting ;o;

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Finally got around to doodling!! Heres my boy Vinny as a scorbunny gijinka. the toasted marshmello vibes are strong..

10 pm!! this is the last one I did since I would have been sleeping if i had taken like 2 more hours to do washes on these

gonna watch the snow and snooze now

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purple mountain sunset

oil on canvas

2x2 inches

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nepsah -

draws new design instead of drawing one of my many established OCs as planned......

well he's here now 'n i dunno who he is, where he goes, or what he's gonna do but that'll come later

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The Tree

Some art I did of an area I use to play in when I was younger.

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magus of flowers

goat-ish -

this is so gorgeous wtf