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first set of ff7 ponies on the bases i drew! [part two can be found here]

cloud, tifa, aeris and barret. i'm not wholly happy with barret but i couldn't figure out what else to do with him so here he stays

Sad there wasn't anymore kh3 content. Happy we got some more FFVII in game fight content.

Hi there! I'm Tal! I'm also at Talinexa on Tumblr XD

This is basically my Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy VII/XV blog.

I'm a writer and will probably end up writing about: -Sora -Riku -Axel -Roxas -Isa/SaΓ―x -Ienzo -Terra -Ventus -Vanitas

-Ignis Scientia -Prompto Argentum -Noctis Lucis Caelum -Gladiolus Amicitia -Cloud Strife -Zack Fair -Reno

(This is NOT a definitive list. Just the ones I could think of off the top of my head)

Drabbles, one-shots, headcanons. The like. For now most of them will be reposts of mine from my Tumblr of the same URL.

Anyway! Feel free to chat, yell at me about your theories about the next KH game, scream with me about character feels, whatever! I'm not much of a shipper (with the blatant exception of NaminΓ©XRepliku being OTP and CloudXTifa) so if you you wanna yell with/at me about ship I might be a little "???" but I still love interaction! If you put a music lyric from KH/FFXV in my inbox I will probably all-caps-lock finish the song (or at least the verse/chorus XD)

Little bit about me, I'm a proud Slytherin, cisgender somewhere on the asexual spectrum (leaning toward demi right now), an INTJ/ISTP, and she/her. You can call me Tal, Tali, Talin, Nexa. Whatever. I'm not picky XD

Welcome! This will probably be a slightly chaotic experience but I'm gonna TRY to tag everything as organized as I can!