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most have probably already seen these, but i decided to do some small edits for tumblr, so they aren't uniform in size. my apologies! [source site]

i think i can speak for us all when i say this game is proving to be more and more stunning with every snippet of info we get from it, whether it be game mechanics or visuals. it’s becoming more inclusive as well, which is very much welcomed in this beloved series!! i can’t wait to see what’s to come in these next couple months :D i wonder if there will be other returning fruit from new leaf, or even brand new fruit! πŸŽπŸ’πŸŠπŸπŸ‘πŸ₯₯

happy 7 years since the world ended!!

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some-odd hours ago i saw this and let me just say......

  • top left: new hairstyle, net type, and potentially a different green eye color

  • top right: teal hair!!!!!

  • bottom left: in coordination with the other islanders, their backpack has wood! (similarly, the ones for bugs and fish look eerily like they're supposed to be for those hobbies)

  • bottom right: cropped top, new hairstyle, new blue hair color

i know there are other things to say, such as skirt dynamics, but this game keeps getting better and better and i am SO ready for it!

i showed my dad my pic i'm drawing of my switch and he said, "yeah, you already have one" and i was like.... hun i drew it. then mom said, "you're so good your dad thought it was a picture" iowruegnf

i saw one of my art posts from my art blog on the featured post section today........ TvT

i feel bad for people who follow my multiple blogs..... i tend to post an art and if it's ac related i'll rb to my ac blog AND my main. sorry about that folks but it is my art!! ;v;

life kinda hit hard lately in terms of myself, and then we got bad news about my mom's anemia she's had lately. results on a biopsy of something found during her colonoscopy says it's cancer, and more than likely it's stage 1 or 2 and caught early, which is really good news, as far as good news can get when about cancer.

so i've been dealing with a lot lately and have been away again, and i'm really sorry. i'm trying to stay active the best i can. i started a wild world town and am gonan start a new leaf town as means to off and on play up to new horizon's release, so i'll try to post pics and stuff on my ac blog @seabass

again i'm sorry, i really wanna be active but things just keep happening :(

y'all, pokemon swsh is really fun

[body image/weight related]

i've been eating better and neglecting my body saying hey! gimme a snack! bc lately i've gained and not like a pound or two but...more... and i really wanna lose a lot to be where i was summer 2017 bc i had made really good progress!! still much overweight but less so. i've lost a few in the past few days as well.

i don't weight watch really i just was in the room with the scale last night so i checked it out. made me feel better! also eating better is improving my moods and maybe energy? b i feel i'm talking more to people and i feel i wanna blog here and there and whatnot. i'm trying to change a lot of habits overall and make myself just overall better.


nights i stay up, cashin in my bad luck

bought the double pack of pokemon bc i couldn't decide which to get.... that's how they reel you in :(

i've never watched digimon, maybe i should... there are lotsa cute monsters!!

uhhhhhhh i think mom and i are gonna quit our job bc we hate it

got good enby vibes tonight, lads

i...did not have a good first day at my new job :(

on saturday i deleted the rest of the s/n/k posts from my tumblr and my body feels even more cleansed bc of it. i kept a log of before and after deleting them all, throughout the process over many months here and there. with 150-200 total posts deleted being unrelated to the tag in question, overall i deleted 6308

i'm sorry for being away so much lately, you know how seasonal affect disorder is :+) it's almost autumn which is another of my happier times!!!!

fun fact: i share a birthday with tuxedo sam (may 12th)

friday my mom and i went in for a group interview at a laundry and linen washing/etc place and orientation is wednesday and we start thursday! i'm trying not to psych myself out but they will work with us to find our strong suits! i'm excited but nervous.

so long, old job! you laid us off we're not coming back :D

mom and i may have found a new job! one of her ex-coworkers works at a hospitality place that does linens and laundry and stuff for hospitals and restaurants and we're almost basically secured a position! we're going in tomorrow to get a hair follicle test and background check and whatnot, and hopefully they work with us on family stuff (aka leaving early to help family members bc we're the only ones who can/do, on certain days) but i have a potentially good feeling :o hopefully mon-fri bc i value free time on weekends, especially for my mental health........... and for me it's a big ol' pay raise

i hate bee movie so to see the script on here...........

mom and i got laid off today. we knew we would bc we can't come in at regular time (we come in so early out of necessity) and it's super slow... so after we use all our vacay days it's set in stone. they're gonna try to figure it out but if they haven't by now, they wont :/

you can tell i'm american bc when i want something to leave me alone, i say GET