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i'm feeling a little better than i was so i'm gonna keep trying to heal, and when i do, i'll be unstoppable

snooPINGAS usual, i see

every time i enter the room, i inflict 10pts of psychic damage to everyone


you may not know this about me, but one of my absolute favorite things is clouds

if you have netflix and like invader zim i implore you to watch enter the florpus!!!!! it's really, really good!!

wordpress' parent company bought tumblr

everybody recommends hollow knight and i tried my dad's copy and i don't like it

if you'd like to see me freak out about stuff in a less dignified fashion than here, you can catch me @/pinkjinjo on twitter

in this house we love and support simon's rusticy somewhat primitive angels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

zack fair deserved better

also i must get this confession out: i LOVE salt and pepper chips

i upped my pledge so thell can make his lovely app >:) ily @thelldev

i want a higher tier in the ty switch port but no one thinks i should bc i have hospital bills. literally haven't really gotten anything nice since before i went to the hospital in april and apparently now i won't bc everyone thinks it's a bad idea. i'm very upset bc i love ty so much, it's my actual childhood

honky tonk badonkadonk

broke: 69 woke: 420 artichoke:

if it tells you anything about my personality, on twitter last night i temporarily changed my handle from the canon @/stalhorse to @/bamjokazooie and i think that's really cute of me

there was a shooting in dayton last night (like around 2 am ish??) and i live in dayton and 10 people got killed and 26 injured so far and i hope it was no one i knew. people say we don't need gun control but clearly we do, especially after el paso and dayton being SO close in when they happened. my heart goes out to the families affected :(

me: takes a nap
me: misses the askocalypse of the blogger

*looks in the mirror to see i'm dressed the same way i am*

uh i'm dealing with several series of sneeze attacks on this day

being in the wf discord is overwhemling most times anymore oops hiouwefkn

wiggle wednesday!!
Three things that made you happy this week

  1. alienware mobile connect can both mirror my phone and lemme send texts from my lappy

  2. i had some kroger bakery cookies and they tasted home made!!!!

  3. i did some artsus that will help me out in the long run!

Two things you are looking forward to

  1. friday mom and i leave work early !!

  2. talking to my bf ;v;

One thing you did well this week

  1. so far mostly controlling my emotions in most scenarios (work doesn't count) hhhh