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sometime you just have to burst out and yell some queen songs

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*passes by a mirror*


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it is truly a crime and a blight that i cannot shapeshift

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“Gender is a shell game. What is a man? Whatever a woman isn't. What is a woman? Whatever a man is not. Tap on it and it's hollow. Look under the shells: it's not there.”

Naomi Alderman, The Power (2017)

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@ the animal crossing community who are yalls fav and least fav villagers my fav is a tie between kyle and groucho and my least fav is barold

smooch -

as self-proclaimed ac queen i have many!

faves: chevre, chief, rasher, whitney, stella least faves: rhonda, rowan, mathilda

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"dont stare at the ground while youre walking"

me: ok *trips* *trips* *trips* *tr

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every now and then youll see someone pose the question of what superpower is the best one to choose but, objectively speaking, flight is superior

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shapeshifting lets you turn into a bird and fly as well as Other great things

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If you're not using teleportation to escape your problems, what the fuck are you doing with your life???

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But... Shapeshifting lets me be cat? Let's you be rat? Let's lime be... Lime?

greatkingrat -

Teleportation lets me go back to bed in a split second.

smooch -

shapeshifting lets me be a bed

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If you like butterflies but not moths ur a coward

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good morning :3

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good E V E N I N G

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good afternoon ~!

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good day

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Cheezits gave us the extra toasty box yet here I am in the extra toasty cheezit bag searching for the toastiest cheezits

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when did nyall join waterfall ??

bystander -

oh may 24... i went n checked 4 my intro post bc i didnt remember it jdkljg

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May 21 on gaywerewolf :3

nap -

my introduction post was on May 29, so either then or a little before then.

melancholia -

May 29th!

timeskip -

January 31st! It's weird to think that I've been here so long...

greatkingrat -

May 20th!

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december 25, 2018 baybee!

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same mood, 25th o december baby

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19th of may 2019!!!!!!!

smooch -

may 21st! bc sadly didn't hear about it earlier :'(

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Art Posts - How they work, and what's the point

thellere -

With the site getting popular on Twitter thanks to them being artist unfriendly now, I thought it might be useful to explain what exactly art posts are on Waterfall, and how the protection system works.

It's worth me noting that a lot of what I'm about to talk about is rewrite specific - for the beta (i.e. the current Waterfall version), it's pretty naive and still in testing.

So, art posts are a special post type that, at their core, are image posts with a different label. There's a few differences on the backend though - first, you can slap a copyright notice on them to let everyone know who you are. When you submit the post, some stuff happens in the background.

First, the server takes hashes of the raw and resized images (i.e. the full size version, the version resized for desktops, and the version resized for mobiles). The image then goes live. After that, it gets passed to a special server we have in the background, which will start doing all manner of things to it - flipping it, doing a ton of resizing, flipping the resizes, and - if we get the budget - maybe even a little machine learning to look for any watermarks or signatures you've put in and crop those out too. Every step of the way, it'll take a hash of the image.

The point here is that a hash is a "fingerprint" of a given image. Once it's finished taking fingerprints of every combination it thinks is likely, it stores them in the database and starts watching out for them. Then, if someone else tries to upload your art - either as an art post or as part of an image post - they won't be able to! Instead, it automatically gets converted into a reblog of your post.

This is an explanation of the simplest system at play, but there's more in the background - I don't want to go into too much detail on those because those are fancy and I don't want the entire blueprint of the anti-theft system out there for people to pick apart and find ways around, but there's some more at play and - if something does manage to slip by it and we find it - will be constantly improved on to make sure any artists on here get the credit they deserve.

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cjadewyton -

A couple of years back I was out on a walk and I saw a bunch of my neighbours (about 5 men in their mid-20s) sprinting down the street carrying an in-ground spa. The spa was obviously freshly dug-up with like, clay and mud and a bit of concrete hanging off it

I was obviously like ??? as I stopped on the corner of the street as they passed me and grinned at me.

Then another of my neighbours (an old man, really nice dude) rode past on his bike and like... Slowed down and just

”Is that Jonno’s spa?”

”Haha yeah!!”

”He’s gonna be PISSED when he gets home!”

”YEAH we know!!”

And I’m just watching as they all hurry down the street and disappear around another corner & the other neighbour rides off

I honestly,, just wonder how that story ended for them all.

awakeingdreamer -

or saw that thing that Was Not A Cat

Wait, what? I wanna hear about the thing that Was Not a Cat!

cjadewyton -

It’s not the most interesting story I have but it’s one of the ones I don’t tell much because it “sounds fake” and is really long and needs a bit of context, but yeah I’m happy to try and explain it

This one goes under a read more because it’s long and a bit round-about and it’s 1am atm and I’m a little messy with my typing atm

Sorry it’s so long but like, if I tell it I need to tell the ENTIRE thing so my initial reaction to seeing the thing is easier to understand

Starting off, I’m 99.99999% sure my block is haunted or something similar. I get Vibes and Weird Things happen a lot, that don’t happen anywhere else. Like I stayed in another state and night was soooo peaceful and quiet and nice. Came back here and was like Ah. Weird Stuff.

And the vibes go away even just staying at my friends house 10 minutes away. Night feels VERY different here than anywhere else I’ve been, and has since I was a kid.

It’s weird, but also I live near the creek and a fenced off “DO NOT ENTER PRIVATE PROPERTY” chunk of bushland so if I can I’ll put weird noises/etc down to wild animals just chilling out and doing their thing. But sometimes I can’t put it down to that (and I HATE when I can’t)

Basically though the Not A Cat story started the day before I saw it; I was out on a walk and it got dark (it usually does when I’m out! I love night walks) and I got this overwhelming feeling if “you need to go home now. This night is none of your business.” And I was like ALRIGHT. Guess I’m going home.

(and I usually listen to my Vibes because they’ve stopped me from literally dying before, like once I got the feeling of “stop walking NOW.” & I did and then a car literally had an accident right in front of me where I would have been. Terrifying!!)

like I didn’t feel like I was in danger or anything, but it was like... Nah. Somethings up and it’s not for me, heading home and going to bed early.

and that feeling sort of carried on to the next day with like... “something happened last night”, sort of like if your neighbour has a party and leaves the street a mess, but it was like... Night Vibes and not physical stuff.

But I’m like “well its over so I’m gonna go out for my walk.”

And I went out as it was getting dark again and the air smelt AMAZING and fresh and I was like “hell yeah!”

and I get around the corner and first thing that happens is a brushtail possum nearly falls on me, which to say is TERRIFYING because that’s basically a raccoon with anger management issues. But I’m just like “dude...” And the possum is like “sjshdhd bye” and sprints off over a fence

And after that I’m thinking alright. Clumsy possums about, I’m gonna turn off my music so I can hear if another one almost drops on me!

Which was chill because I like night sounds. And they were sort of normal as I went down the rest of the street, but like... It ended up getting a little too quiet as I went. Like quieter then is normal with the amount of people and animals that are usually around (but mostly weren’t there that night). I brushed it off though because of the leftover vibes from the night before like “ah yeah. It’s just one of those nights” (protip... don’t do that its super dumb to do)

So I continue my usual walk and like. Then I see a person-shaped shadow. Which was WEIRD but me being a dumbass I was like “yeah I’m ignoring whatever that is and just walking straight past. If I die I die! Whatever!”

And it turns out it was literally just,, my neighbour trimmed their tree and it happened to look like a weirdly tall person when in shadow! And I was like “Ah! Okay! Logical! Odd that all this is happening in the same night, but that’s how it is sometimes!”

So I keep going, until I get to this four-way round-about I usually pass twice on a walk. I head up my usual way but as I enter the street I see this Thing. It sprinted out of a yard at full speed on 2 legs and into the drain in the gutter. I saw it for just a brief moment and so like,, I was conVINCED I saw it wrong because it was weird looking and was totally NOT as big as I thought it was?

So I was just like “UHHHH... hairless cat? Cats sometimes run on two legs when spooked and trying to look big. Probably a bigger-then-average hairless cat that got out of a neighbour’s house. Even if that’s not what it was, that is What It Was now!”

and then I just kept walking, because, you know what? Not my business. Everything else that had happened so far had been logical. That was probs just a cat and that’s all.

Which continuing was probably a bad idea but I was not going to admit that wasn’t a cat and turning back was basically admitting I didn’t believe myself SO I kept going.

As I continued up that street I went past a house and heard a dude chanting “meow” over and over and over REALLY loudly and I was like “um... alright. Weirdo.” And kept going.

all up that street I felt like I was being watched/followed and just generally Not Right. Swear I saw things in bushes, etc. but I figured I was just being parinoid and was like “yah I’m good.” And kept going.

Which I realised how weird it felt as SOON as I turned the corner out of the street and felt relieved. And I kept going for my walk coz I was stubborn.

Night sounds came back, I heard some drunk guys playing marco-polo in their back yard, and it was cool! But I had to get home and,, that meant heading backwards a bit. I decided to loop around and go down another street that lead to the round-about that turned and lead me home again, just to avoid the creepier street just in case.

I was fully calmed down and chill as I headed back though coz I was like “haha yeah just spooked myself!” But then like, it started getting quiet again and I was like mmmm :/

And as I got to the round-about this like, noise started?? It’s hard to explain but like. Metalic, but also parrot like?? High pitch and kinda loud, and I was like “hm. Probably a bird???” But then I realised it was coming from like. Low to the ground, and as I got to the cross in the streets I realised it was coming from around where I saw the Thing that I REALLY wanted to be a cat.

So I was a lot creeped out and was like “ALRIGHT. HOME TIME NOW BABY.” And started hurrying home at as fast a hobble as I can go with my cane.

and then like, the high pitch noise stopped, which actually made me MORE anxious so I turn around to see what’s going on and this really cute cat I see sometimes comes out of a nearby yard!

Which it was adorable, but also it was terrible because it made me realise the “cat” I saw before was,, WAY TOO BIG to be a cat. Like,, just TOO BIG. And I couldn’t really pretend it was a cat anymore. And I was like uhhh... frick.

and I started home again, and my neighbours cat was just following me sort of protectively (which was weird because this cat is usually pretty timid & doesn’t like the click of my cane at ALL) and it only stopped once I got back to my own street again, when it then doubled back and headed off its own way.

I told my friends what happened and they told me off for being stupid and not just heading home immediately, to which I argued I wouldn’t have gotten to hear a drunk guy fall into a bush (which was WORTH IT)

But yeah that was the thing that Was Not a Cat.

idk what it was honestly! I’m hoping it was just some weird dog or something but like. I’m probably never gonna be sure (unless I see it again, and I sort of don’t ever want to) so,,, it’s just the “Not a cat” to me now!

cjadewyton -

ALSO that reminds me of the OTHER time I was at a card tournament and some dumb boy my age tried to lie to (/flirt with??) me by pointing to my dad and being like “thats my dad, he’s running the tournament this year!”

and instead of being a NORMAL fucking 12 year old and being like “actually thats MY dad, he runs the tourmament EVERY year.” I just sat there and asked “aw yeah? What’s he like?” And just listened to this boy go ON about how GREAT his dad was/etc. until the tournament was over and my dad came up to us and was like “hey caity time to go home” and I just fucking,, “kay” and got up and left (I didn’t even say goodbye I was SO mean???)

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I’ve decided I’m going to change my name to Sweat Monster after today

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It's so great when you look at someone and you just get that rush of love that makes your heart go faster and you feel all warm

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im gay and i like potatoes

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I am a simple man... I see more than 2 word... I stop reading

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Going Forward - Waterfall's Monetisation Strategy

staff -

With the rewrite and an app around the corner, it's time to talk long term. You may or may not know about those (in which case, I recommend following [[@thelldev where I talk about site development a little when I'm not memeing), but those are definitely things that are happening!

For the last month or so we've been talking amongst ourselves, and we now have a pretty decent handle of how Waterfall will fund itself going forward. Below is a breakdown. Please note this isn't 100% final yet - we're very interested in feedback, and may add things or move things around.

These come into effect with the launch of the rewrite - which, incidentally, with the exception of themes and IMs will bring us to feature parity with Tumblr (i.e. comments, group blogs, password proteected blogs etc).


The bulk of initial funding will be through Kickstarter. Ostensibly, this is being run with the aim of funding the app - namely, the equipment to start building the iOS version specifically. The current plan is to run a flexible funding campaign with an end goal of $10,000. Of that, only around $3,000 is needed for the equipment itself, with the rest going towards upgrading the server hardware to cope with the additional load an app will cause. A stretch goal in the middle will result in us adding IMs. Rewards for this will be stickers, fancy profile icons, beta access, and access to tiers (see below). This will launch as soon as the rewrite goes live.


In order to keep the site ad free, we obviously need some sort of recurring income. After a small focus group with some randomly selected users and some lengthy internal debate, we've decided that the easiest way forward is to add subscription tiers. Very important note: The addition of these will not, in any way, detract from the core experience of the site. That's something we've been committed to from day one. What these will do, however, is improve that experience by increasing a few limits. They have thematically appropriate names, so let's have a look. The plan here is monthly or annual subscriptions, where annual gets you a free month.

Remember: These aren't final yet, and we intend to add more to them over time.

  • Freshwater: The basic tier, $3/mo. Upload size limits are doubled, and you get a nifty profile badge.

  • Groundwater: An intermediate tier, we're aiming for $5. As above, but 5x the upload size limit instead. Additionally, you'll have the option of viewing videos and listening to audio in original quality rather than the transcoded, bandwidth saving version. You also get beta access to new features in testing.

  • Springwater: The highest currently planned tier, intended for artists and those serious about supporting the site. The aim here is to make the $10 price tag seem cheap. On this tier, you get a 10x upload size limit increase, increased number of images in an imageset, and access to a massively more in depth blog analytics page than regular users will get, giving you breakdowns on how people are finding your posts, which posts were likely to have resulted in how many follows, and more - basically, close to the same dashboard the staff will be using for the site as a whole. In addition, you'll have the ability to promote a couple of your posts for seven days each month - these will then periodically show in a user's sidebar instead of the randomly selected featured post. The current ratio we're thinking about for featured:sponsored showing up is 70:30, just so that folks aren't inundated with sponsored posts. Note: This does not insert it as a regular post on a user's dashboard, and will only show to users who appear to be interested in the same stuff as you're drawing (after all, we figure you want folks who are gonna be interested in following to see your stuff). Additionally, you'll be able to make sale pages - things like one-off adoptables and brush packs (there may be a small fee taken on sales of these, but it will be negligible if so - you're already giving us money). This tier will be constantly iterated on based on feedback. Like we said - we want $10 to feel cheap.

Commission Marketplace

We're planning to get this launched alongside the rewrite. It's pretty set in stone now that Waterfall will take 10% of the commission sale price in exchange for the service provided.

"The service" in this case is advertising you to the whole site rather than just your followers, the protection against scammers we'll provide, and making it so you don't have to give out your email and address to buyers when you use PayPal. For this we'll be using Stripe - a tried and tested provider who deposits money directly into your bank account so that Waterfall doesn't have to hold on to it.


This won't launch in the rewrite, but rather, a few months after. This is basically Patreon, but integrated into the site so that you can automatically set schedules for making stuff public if you choose to, make some of your posts private to sponsors of a certain tier while keeping all your followers in one place, and generally just make content. NSFW content will, naturally, be allowed.

Blog Slots

This one is pretty simple - on average, a user has two blogs. So, a new blog limit of 3, with any after that requiring a one off payment of $1 to permanently unlock an extra blog slot. General opinion when floated in the Discord is that this is fair and outliers should support the site. Note: Existing blogs going over this limit are grandfathered in and won't be removed.

This more or less sums up the current strategy. We're extremely interested to hear any feedback on this - is it fair? Are our prices too high? Too low? Are we offering too much or too little? Let us know!

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aurenfaie -

Oh my god, I was given a bowl from France with my dead name on it before I transitioned and I have a friend who shares my dead name who I gave the bowl to and he just came out as a trans guy, so it seems that the bowl is cursed to turn people trans

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do you ever just wanna like eat the color pink

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transwerewolf -

a gentle reminder that it is okay to be unattractive

your worth is not equivalent to how cute, pretty, handsome, or hot you are

you do not exist to be consumed

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starrieskies -

i wonder, does anyone else have "rules" they follow when making usernames?

for me, everything has to be space or sweets themed!

rosefairy -

for me everything has to be bunnies, fairies or flower themes

smooch -

when it comes to really naming anything, especially if it pertains to me or something about me (or ocs that are facets of myself) i prefer if it would start with s (but idk why!)